Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sweet Yummy Treat

Well I've been trying to finish getting my Christmas Cards out in the mail...I ran out of cards...can you imagine that!  I needed to make more cards...oh darn...LOL (I'll add another post with my new design for my "need more cards" affair.  Ran out of stamps as off to the post office tomorrow morning to mail the final few cards.  But in the mean time I had to try and make this thought I had....I hadn't seen it anywhere, although I didn't look it up, just hadn't seen it out there....well, you know how the cake pops are in 'season', we had gotten a sample of a few different cake pops to try and one of them said "S'more".   I looked at it and it didn't look like a S'more, then I bit into it and it certainly didn't taste like a S' I thought that I could create a "S'more on a Stick"  Yes, you read that right folks....S'mores on a Stick.

So this is what I did, I took straws and cut them into three even lengths (or as close as can be to even) and I stabbed them into the LARGE marshmellows.....they stick really nice once the straw is inserted, it takes some pushing, so if you smash your marshmellow a bit, just reshape it.

Then in a double boiler - well, this is my double boiler a pot and a bowl....fill the pot with water so that the bowl is sitting in the water.  Turn on the heat and add your DARK chocolate chips (milk chocolate will do too) let them melt, stirring occasionally and keeping an eye on your water, don't let it run out, nor let it boil over.

When your water really starts to boil, turn it down to simmer....if your chocolate begins to thicken, just turn the heat up a bit and re-melt, then turn the heat back down when you have the correct consistency you want for your chocolate.

While your chocolate is slowly beginning to melt, take a few graham crackers (depending on how many you plan on doing, I'd say start with 3 big slats, and place them in a zip lock bag, seal it, and press on the graham crackers so they are small pieces or can make them really small, but I wanted to leave a few small pieces to give them the 'look'.  What look, I have no idea, as this was a total test kitchen recipe!!! LOL  Place your graham cracker crumbles onto a plate big enough where you can roll your chocolate covered marshmellow in the crumbles.  (this pic was an after there is some chocolate in the crumbles)
** Have a pot holder handy in case your bowl moves around when you begin to swirl your can hold onto the edge of the pan with your pot holder. **
Your chocolate should be melted by now, stir it up a bit and if it's the right consistency for you to dip your marshmellows in, Go For It!   I swirled the marshmellow around, I didn't have to worry about the marshmellow falling off into the chocolate, it clung nicely to the straw.  I used the side of the pan and rolled/swirled the marshmellow up against the pan, so the excess chocolate came off.  Then I rolled the chocolate covered marshmellow in the crumbles...on the sides first, then dipped the bottom.  I set them up right on a waxed papered tray. 
Place in the fridge for about a half hour or so, just enough for the chocolate to set....then bring out and place in an air tight container...that is if you don't eat them all first. :-)  Enjoy!   If you try this, please let me know how yours turned out...I love to hear your comments and emails.

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