Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Party Hostess Gift

I'll be heading out to Holiday Parties this week and I can't wait to attend. I definitely don't want to go to a Holiday Party without a Hostess gift. I usually give the norm, a bottle of wine stuffed into a wine bag with some tissue paper. But this year, I put a twist on an idea I got from one of the design team members over at Emma's My Creative Time and their 12 Days of Christmas which gave me so much inspiration this Holiday Season. Emma made one w/ mittens and a face to cover microwave popcorn. It was Oh So Cute!!!

The items you'll need are a bottle of wine, printed paper 12x7 7/8 inches, depending on the height of your bottle. Character cut to 6 inches high and a pair of socks or mittens. I found these socks at Wally World (Walmart) for $3.00 I also cut a scrap piece of white paper to look like snow and added some glitter and snow stamps. A bell and two small safety pins (match your bell and safety pin colors to match)
Once you have your character cut out and glued together, you're going to glue him to your main printed sheet, with his head at the top of your page, and let dry really good. Then you'll take your page and form it to the bottle so you can see where it needs to bend. Take the page and roll it between your two hands (like you have a ball and your rolling it up and down your hands, alternating left up and right down) You want the bend to be round, not bent with a crease.
Secure the bell on the toe of one of the socks using the safety pin. Then I used double sided tape to adhere the paper onto the bottle and then rolled the bottle so the paper is tight, and straight, around the bottle, then I zipped another two sided tape to adhere the other end.
Take the sock without the bell attached, and wrap it around the neck of the bottle and secure it with a safety pin, don't use tape or adhesive you might ruin the sock! Then slip the belled sock over the neck (now covered with the other sock), slip over to the heal so that it hangs over, and the sock is over the top portion of the paper to make the sock look like your characters Santa hat.
         Tah Dah!   I think he turned out pretty darn cute. And I hope the hostess of the party tomorrow night enjoys her little 'friend'.

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