Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hostess Gift #2

I was invited to another Christmas Party, and my hostess doesn't drink.  I wanted to give her a hostess gift made from me, and the decor'd wine bottle I'd been making just won't do.  Linsey's site had a great idea a while back.  She put a stamped image on a candle

This is what she did, as I'm doing now:   Stamp any imagine onto plain white tissue paper and cut it out. Cut close to the image as possible, this will be very helpful when it comes time to adhere it to the candle.  You'll also need a heating tool and a Popsicle stick or something of the sorts to hold onto the stamped image...the heating tool gets hot. 

You'll want to set your candle down and make sure it doesn't roll.  Place  your stamped imagine where you'd like it and hold it with the stick. Turn on your heating tool, let it warm up for a few seconds before pointing it to the stamped image.  Then point it towards the stamped image, moving it back and forth across your image.  You don't want it aimed at one spot for too long, the candle will melt too quickly and begin to drip. You want the candle to melt so the image will stick, and blend in so all you'll see is the image.  If you have bling to add, just warm up the candle with the heating tool and press your bling onto the candle.   Tah Dah!   I now have a nice three piece candle set to give my non-drinking hostess. 

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  1. Wow!!! You are just breaking out into all kinds of things!! You go girl!!!

    I got your Christmas card :) Love the embossing, stamping, glitter and of course the cute little penguin!! You are doing so great my friend! Hope you are having a blast :)

    See you next weekend!!!!!! Merry Christmas :)


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