Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Shower Gift Basket

Hello - thank you for stopping by.  Today I'd like to share a gift basket I made for my friends brother's wife to know the gal who you know, but don't really know.  I found out that their kitchen is yellow, so I started there.  Then I hit up her bridal registry at Bed Bath & Beyond and dreamed up this basket for her.

I know she loves food, but doesn't cook a whole lot, yet. With that in mind, I bought two kitchen gadgets on her list, pizza cutter and BBQ tongs.  I just had to add a little more to make it complete.  Alfredo Sauce to make a great White Pizza and Teriyaki Marinade for the Teriyaki Grilled Chicken.
Knowing she doesn't cook much, I then added two recipe cards for the white pizza and the grilled chicken teriyaki...I also added in a side dish for the chicken too.  The cards ended up being about 5 1/2x8. My friend had made her a recipe binder, so these will fit well.

She loved her basket and couldn't wait to make the White Pizza!

Thanks for stopping by.  Chao! --C

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  1. So fun! Such a thoughtful gift!


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