Friday, June 8, 2012

Red, White & Blue - Thank You!

Hello all my crafty friends.  I just have to share this card I made.  A friend of mine, loves the good 'ole Red, White, & Blue.  In fact, she puts red, white & blue ribbon on everything....yes, everything. I think she must of bought wheels and wheels of this stuff.  It's on her luggage, her car keys, anything she can tie the ribbon on.
So the other week, she gave me a little treat and whats on the top of the bag tying it together...(let me hear you say it out loud)"Red, White and Blue Ribbon".  Right!
I thought it would be great to take that ribbon and "up-cycle" it with a Thank You card for her.  Here's what the ribbon looks like. 
And this time of year is very patriotic for me...I don't know if it's the picnics, pool gatherings, Memorial Day with the 4th of July right behind it, or what, but it seems so very Americana this time of year...I love it!

I've had these red, white & blue buttons I've been hoarding for more than 5 years. Can you believe that?!  I liked them so much when I bought them I didn't want to give them away.  Dumb, right.  Well I'm all over that now and have decided that I need to share what I love with others.  And I know my friend will absolutely LOVE this card with her up-cycled ribbon on the card.  

Hope you enjoyed my post for today.   I broke a tooth last night at work, so I'm headed off early to the dentist today....ugh, not even looking forward to this one!  

Have a great day!  Chao for now.  --C


  1. Ok...since I know what you do for a living...I seriously want to know how you broke your tooth at work!!! LOL Hope you're not in too much pain. Love your patriotic card :)


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