Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birthday Bouquet - "Frost" from X-Men

As some of you may have seen from my past posts, I've done a few bouquets/center pieces for birthdays.  I was asked again to do one for a gal who is throwing a Comic Book themed party (this party if for Adults!) Gotta love the themed parties these adults are having these for me, just give me a pool, music, and a few alcoholic beverages and I'm all good! LOL  This is a long post, but I think you'll find it's definitely worth grab a cup of Joe and read along. Enjoy!

Apparently, the movie recently released "Avengers" is really big and that's what this themed party is all about.  The birthday girl, who I've never met, is coming as the comic book character "Frost" from X-Men -- So when I think of Frost I'm imagining in my mind, Winter Wonderland, aren't you?  And where I live, here in Arizona on the's already 100+ and it's really hard to think of Winter Wonderland right now. Ha!

I dug out my box of X-mas stuff and found some Buffalo Snow Flakes I bought from Michael's, they're iridescent pieces, like confetti.  And well my creative mind went from there. 
I took two soup cans and stacked them and taped them to hold upright making a column.

Then I wrapped the column with white copy paper (you can use what ever you have, but since the paper wouldn't really show I used the cheap stuff) and secured the paper with tape.

I took a lid from a shoe box (big enough to be able to lay down the column) and put some of the Buffalo Snow Flakes in the bottom - be sure to cover the whole bottom with flakes because you will roll the column to get it covered with flakes.   I sprayed the covered column with spray adhesive (do this outside in an area you don't mind over spray)  I sprayed half of the column length wise and laid it in the box and rolled it in the flakes, then sprayed the other side and rolled it again.  Once, the column was covered well with flakes, I sprayed the flaked covered column again for added coverage so the flakes would stay on the column and fly off everywhere in my house.
Doesn't that look frosty to you?  I think so!  Then I placed my flake covered column in a stove pipe/column glass vase.  Now I think it looks like an ice cave...I'm getting chilly lol.

I glued down the column with hot glue. I just put a lot on the bottom of the can and hurried it in the vase and pressed down for a few and it adhered to the glass bottom.  But be careful hurrying it into the vase, I scraped the side and my 'frost' came off a bit (that's the backside now lol)

For the topper and where I'm going to put the decor.  I used foam circles that fit right into the vase opening.
I sprayed  the foam with adheavsive and put into the buffalo snow and set it atop the column. Looks a little bumping of snow on top but you won't really see a lot of that when you add your decor.

Once you have all your decor cut outs glued together, you'll want to add support.  Even if you used really strong card stock, keep in mind, they will be standing straight up and they will give over time, so if this is a center piece you want someone to appreciate day after day, make it worthy of a few extra steps and add support to your pieces, espcially if they are large.

 I used popsicle sticks, a bag of 100 sticks for $1 at the dollar stores.  Hot glue them anywhere you think the paper needs support.  As for the sticks to place into the foam, for the taller cuts, I used crafters dowels, and for all the other cuts, I used popsicle sticks.

You'll want to place your tallest cuts in the back and work your way forward.  When I place the cuts, I try to cover up the other sticks, so all you see is decor when you're looking straight on.  Of course, if you're looking to the side you'll see some of the 'work' that holds your center piece together.
Start working forward with your other cuts, covering up the other sticks.   You can always add more cuts if you find a stick that needs to be covered up, or your center piece just needs a little more.
There really is no right or wrong way to create a center piece, I just let my creative muse take over.  This is my third center piece and each one takes on a mind of it's own.  I have to say this was the most fun so far, using the feather boa and the buffalo snow.
Now for the final touch and to hide the last of the sticks...I'm adding her AGE of "24"  It's on white with Glitter paper so it doesn't show up real well in the picture, but looks completely stunning in person. 

I hope you've enjoyed the post for today...sorry, it's been so long since I last posted...I have been creative though, I've had a few orders for cards and this center piece, so I've been in the craft room being crafty!

Have a greate day.  Chao for now!  --C

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  1. Nice job!!! So glad you have been crafting...was missing your posts. Can't wait to see you next week :) Hugs!


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