Monday, June 11, 2012

Play That Music

I love learning new tricks for card making.  One of my many favorite challenges is hosted by JUST US GIRLS Week 2 Technique Challenge  This week they are teaching the Acrylic Distressed look. 

I bought a stamp a while back from the $1 bin at Joann's.
  "Play the music that your Soul wants to hear"
I find this statement to be true.  When I hear music playing that I want to hear, I come ALIVE!  Music can set the tone and mood for many different reasons.  I love listening to music while crafting, and it may not always be the same genre either. One could say, 'whatever floats your boat'.

I went to the site JUGS referred its followers to see just how this technique is done. Click HERE to go to Split Coast Stampers for instructions.

I thought my stamp sentiment would be perfect for this distressed look. When I think of a Soul it makes me think of something aged and wise and this is the look I was trying to give my card.

I started out with a white piece of card stock and embossed it using the Swirls folder.  Then I painted it with pink acrylic paint and let dry.  After drying, I used an extra coarse nail file and laid it down flat on the paper and rubbed it back and forth until majority of the paint was rubbed off the raised area showing the white paper through.

I happen to choose brown ink and a blending tool to blend the ink over the entire area with emphasis on blending the ink onto the white area that was just uncovered. 
Then I sprayed some blending ink solution on a cotton ball and rubbed off the extra ink.  Viola!

I stamped my sentiment and blended a tan ink on the edges. Then I stressed the edges using my finger nail.  I believe there is a tool out there that will do this for you...but what the heck I have nails and they're free LOL. 

And for the final touches, I added some tan twine I bought at the local dollar store. I put 6 strands for the amount that is on a guitar - or at least that's how many I counted on my stamp.  Just because I listen to music doesn't mean I can play an instrument, ha! (can't sing either)

And I cut the outer corners with my corner scissors for an added touch. 

This was a fun technique and I had no problem imitating the directions.  Looks like I may be using this technique again.  
I hope you enjoyed my post for today.  Chao for now!  --C


  1. Nice job! Love that sentiment. Thanks for playing along with Just Us Girls.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you are having fun adding new technique to your crafting tool belt :) Great job!!


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