Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Gift

Hello my crafty friends,
I'd like to share with you today a gift idea I learned from Ruthie over at September Ninth, and her second day of My Creative Time 12 Days Of Christmas. 

Start out with a bottle of hand soap, or any kind of clear bottle doesn't have to be hand soap, I was even thinking you could do this with body splash etc.  But for this project, I chose the lime green, Cool Cucumber scented hand soap for my project.

Now here's a tip:  When choosing your soap bottles, think about the labels that are adhered to them.  These bottles, had a clear plastic sticker on one side and a paper sticker on the other.  The clear plastic sticker came off pretty easy, but the paper sticker was a little more stubborn.  We, I say, WE, because hubby helped :-) with the Goo Gone to get the sticker off.  I have to say I've never used Goo Gone just make sure you leave yourself some time to work off the stickers.  Once that's done this project is a breeze.
You'll need some transparency film you can get at your local stationary store or online, I bought mine on ebay really cheap.  Use Stayz On ink for your image. If you don't use Stayz On ink, you'll find the soap will be a solvent and remove any other type of ink you use.  
Cut a few  strips, measuring the size of your bottle, cut it short of course so it will fit.  The stamp I used for my image is from MCT It's a Magical Season stamp set.

I had a few that my stamp's very slippery on this can see in the picture above the last part of Season is a little 'thick' where it slipped a little. But I think it's still usable.  Once your image is stamped on the film, let it dry for a few minutes.  Then remove the spout of your bottle, and roll your film a little so that it can slip into the bottle.  Use the spout if you need to move it around. And place your spout behind the image.  Viola!  A great Christmas Gift!

Click HERE for Ruthie's post on this project.   Click HERE to view her video. 
That's it for today. Chao! --C  

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