Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Birthday!!! was last week

Yes, I turned another year older last week....and I just have to share some of the fun, FUN, fun Birthday Wishes I received from my crafty friends.

Miss Cassandra, over at Creating Color with Cassandra, was really sneaky in getting my co-workers to do her dirty work....AND I JUST LOVED IT!!!  Cassandra told me she even waited till after 7am to post this on her blog, because she knows I'm an early morning blogger  LOL that just cracked me up.
I have to say, when I walked into my office and over to my desk....I just kept looking at the banner and thinking "I know that kind of crafting...." but it didn't click until my co-worker said it was dropped off for safe keeping until my birthday...then I screamed out (Yes, I screamed) "CASSANDRA"  lol

It's all on one long piece of ribbon and was stretched across perfectly above my desk.
See all the fun goodies she put on each tag.  It's AWESOME....I just stared and stared at it!  I left it hanging at the office for just a few more days, then I'll proudly hang it up in my craft room :-)

Can you see that little card hanging between the
Happy & Birthday...
Laaaaaa.....that's a Michael's gift card!!!   Whoo Hoo!


My other crafty friend, doesn't have a blog, but I think she reads mine...HI SUE!!!   Sue likes to quilt and do all things sewing.  Like many of us paper crafters, Sue likes to hoard supplies.  Don't ya, Sue?!  Well, she told me, she's been hoarding items for my birthday present since the New Year. Can you believe that!!! So when I got home from work, after starring at the wonderful birthday banner all day...I came home to more presents (and dinner, my hubby's a great cook) and a large box from Sue. 
Let me share what was in the box....
All this fun stuff.....
Tags, Jim Holtz pins, Jim Holtz tickets...can't wait to use those, I have an idea brewing....and the door knob looking thingie...I'll get back to that in a minute. and paper edging ---the paper edging looks neat too - And a fun 'altered' inspirational craft book

Pop-dotted stickers.....
Now remember the door knob looking thingie....this is just the coolest!  I love all my little presents but this one is the BEST!
It's a rubber stamp with my C initial and then my name.....I LOVE THIS I can stamp it on the back of my cards or even on the back of the envelopes. --  I guess you could say "I've Been Branded"  Sue? Is that the effect you were looking for???   LOL  (inside joke everyone)
So check it out.....

Cake anyone?  The office thought I needed TWO Large Cupcakes for my birthday!!!
I'll forever remember this birthday with great friends!!!  Thank You!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Such an amazing banner! and great goodies! Hope your day was wonderful!

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so glad that you were surprised. And I'm so glad you liked it!!! I hope you had a wonderfully special day my friend. You deserve it! Looks like you got some fun goodies too. Have a fun time playing with all your treats.

    ps...the picture with your cupcakes is GREAT...your cupcakes are perfectly placed LOL ;)


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